With your help we exceeded our goal of 6,000 participants!

We requested your feedback for the 2021 Twelve Year Program (TYP) Update on March 11 to April 26, 2019.

We are happy to have received:

  • 6,400 Survey Participants
  • 2,500 Mapped Transportation Issues
  • 2,000 Online Public Meeting Attendees

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Your feedback will help guide the 2021 TYP Update and the updates of your regional Transportation Improvement Programs. We request your feedback every two years during the TYP Update.

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The Twelve Year Program is a multimodal, fiscally-constrained program of transportation improvements spanning a 12-year period. A lot goes into planning the Twelve Year Program. This interactive step-by-step guide will help to explain how PennDOT goes from planning to projects.

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