Get Involved in Your Region’s Transportation!
Get Involved in Your Region’s Transportation!

October 17, 2023

12-Year Program Planning

Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations (MPOs and RPOs) are local planning organizations responsible for regional planning and programming for all modes of transportation. MPOs and RPOs work closely with PennDOT on local and statewide transportation matters, evaluate the performance of regional transportation systems, and determine the required resources to maintain, improve, and expand regional transportation facilities. Pennsylvania has 23 MPOs and RPOs, and one independent county.

MPOs and RPOs collect public feedback, which contributes to regional Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs). Regional TIPs are updated every two years and are combined with two statewide TIPs to create the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The STIP is the first four years of the 12-Year Program (TYP). Regional TIPs will be available for a 30-day public comment period in the spring of 2024.

The public can attend MPO and RPO quarterly meetings and participate in public outreach campaigns to share feedback. Click here to learn more about your MPO or RPO, including transit, bicycle and pedestrian travel, and rail freight in your area.

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