How It Works

Long Range Transportation Plan

A Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) sets policies, visions, and goals. Statewide and regional LRTPs help guide the planning process.

Who creates it?

PennDOT creates a statewide LRTP covering a 25-year period. Metropolitan and rural planning organizations (MPOs and RPOs) create regional LRTPs covering a 20-year period.

When is it updated?

The statewide and regional LRTPs are updated every four or five years.

How does it impact the planning process?

The LRTP sets the policy, vision, and goals used to guide programming and project selection. The programs in the 12-Year Program must align with the policies, visions, and goals in the Statewide LRTP. The programs in the Regional Transportation Improvement Programs must align with the policies, visions, and goals in the regional LRTP.

What laws, regulations, and guidance are involved?

Public Participation Opportunities

  • You can get involved in the statewide LRTP every four to five years during the update process. Join the mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming opportunities.
  • To get involved in the regional LRTP updates, contact your MPO or RPO.

Read the most current LRTP

PA On Track is a long range transportation plan and a comprehensive freight movement plan that is innovative, performance-based, and establishes the best transportation priorities to move our economy forward and address the needs of our citizenry as we meet the opportunities of the future.

Read the LRTP (PDF)