How It Works

12-Year Program (TYP)

The 12-Year Program (TYP) is Pennsylvania’s official mid-range planning tool. It lists statewide planned projects and assigns funding to projects over a 12-year period. The first-four years comprise the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Who creates it?

PennDOT creates the TYP and submits it to the State Transportation Commission (STC) for approval.

When is it updated?

The TYP is updated every two years after regional TIPs are submitted and approved by MPOS and RPOS.

How does it impact the planning process?

The TYP aligns with the policies, visions, and goals in the LRTP. It includes 12 years of programming – or lists of projects and associated funding.

What laws and regulations are involved?

Public Participation Opportunities

You can participate in the update of the TYP every two years during the public comment period. The STC conducts a public meeting and transportation survey as part of the comment period. Join the mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming opportunities.

2021 12-Year Program

The 2021 TYP represents PennDOT’s continued commitment to enhanced decision-making and the purposeful planning initiatives launched during the program development process. Download a printable version (PDF, 13MB)

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